Our Story


Jake & Luke are husbands and plant daddies with expert eyes for finding the coolest houseplants. They built their dream plant shop Plant Daddy Co. in their home of Sacramento, California. Jake & Luke then got back to their roots to bring PDC to their hometown of Redding, California. The shops are beautiful vibrant spaces where greenery and gayness is celebrated. 

Plant Daddy Co. is a business built on plants, powered by community. Their cult following of plant lovers buyout plants in a matter of hours. The incredible PDC audience is also quick to support the local makers that bring handcrafted items into the shops. Community has become one of the keystones of Plant Daddy Co. something the boys are eternally grateful for.

Jake & Luke serve looks and laughs, their infectious smiles make plant shopping a dream. An experience they hope spreads all across America with their new online shop. Whether you’re a first time plant parent, an expert botanist, or just looking for some good vibes, Plant Daddy Co. is here for you.